Dale “Gene” Copley Jr.

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“If your company is looking for a motivated self starter who loves life and enjoys working hard
and can while taking your company to new heights, then I am your man”

What do I bring to your table:

  • An incredible energy to each of your projects.

  • A superior work ethic.

  • Integrity.

  • Flexibility and adaptability.

  • Initiative and persistence in following through on an action to completion.

  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.

  • Self-directed.

  • Ability to get along with and work with all types of people as a team member and a team leader.

  • Drug free and a healthy life style.

  • Standards of quality and commitment to excellence.

  • Ability to conform to rules and structure.

Management Accomplishments

  • Start businesses while staying 20% under budget and within a tight time frame. Conducted detailed feasibility studies.

  • Successfully oversaw the start-up and development of a company from $0 to $2 million in revenue with 75 employees.

  • Increased sales by an average of 9.6% each year over the 9 years, which maintained the top 7% of the nation. This was done in a markets that was expected to produce below average sales results.

  • Train and mentor upper and mid-level managers in order to achieve efficient operational procedures to facilitate a smooth transition.

  • Supply chain management.

  • Refine marketing strategies through quantitative research.

  • Collect qualitative data to better define desires and achieve goals.

  • Negotiate and maintain supply channels.

  • Take existing corporate programs and modify them to optimize local conditions.

I have a verifiable track record for the successful completion of projects accomplished through coordinating trades, developing partnerships, and building positive work environment while maintaining costs. I am versed in contract negotiations, project estimating, and material purchasing.

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